Monday, January 28, 2013

Parody of "Belle"

It was a pretty capricious rainy day here in Thatcher, so I decided to write a parody with the help of 3 of my good friends: Lisa Crandall, Dannielle Hext, and Carissa Southwick. Here is the parody:

Little town, it's a rainy campus. 
Every day, warmer than before. 
Little town, full of college people 
Waking up to say....

What's up? Hey girl! What's up, what's up, what's up?
There go my classmates in their jeans and sweatshirts
It's still too cold to wear a tee
The rain's making us depressed
And mud's making things a mess

But then that's just the way at EAC

Good morning Juliet!
'morning professor!
Where are you off to today?
The Institute. My friend and I are going to play ping pong and pool and then maybe even--
That's nice. Hey you! Get to class!

 Look there she goes that girl who's strange, a little
She's behind on homework, can't you tell?
With a dazed and panicked look
And a backpack full of books
She'd be happy with a C in English Lit.

Oh, hey!
How is your roommate?
Gee, hi!
How is your wife?
That's too expensive!
Something must come out of this college life!

Jules! What the heck are you doing here?
I came to turn in the problems you assigned.
Those were due on Thursday.
I couldn't get my thoughts organized. I mean, integrals are just so confusing. I'd much rather read a book; at least those make sense. 
You know, there is a textbook in this class.
I'm afraid to open it. I paid too much to damage even a page between those covers.
All right, I'll give you an extension if you get out of my freaking office. 
Thank you! Thank you so much!

Look there she goes that girl is clearly tired. 
I wonder if she's feeling well
With a tired, frazzled look
And her nose stuck in a book
And our finals week is still four months away.

Now, isn't this amazing?
There's a rainbow shining in the sky.
And this homework is so easy,
But I really should have done it all a week ago.

 Now it's no wonder everyone is stressed out
This work has got no parallel
But behind "this is easy"
Is "I am quite queasy"
Because work is work no matter what


Also, me and Carissa, who are best friends and roommates got super gorgeous haircuts today. Though I might miss my long hair, I am loving having short hair with bangs for the first time in years!