Monday, January 2, 2012

Gray Lady

You may look at a title like that and think, "Harry Potter!" Sorry, no. The Gray Lady in my life is an adorable gray stray that happened to decide I was her master one random day in October. Today I introduced her to Mr. Yarn, which has been sitting in my room, pretty much unused, for the past ten years. She totally went crazy over it!
There's a couple of other strays around that look in about the same shape Lady was in when I found her; that is, underfed. Unfortunately, the most I can do for any of them is feed them since we're living in a rental house that requires an expensive pet fee. So they all stay outside. Gray Lady is the only one I've been able to really get close to, but today I managed to feed one of her black companions. This cat has some sort of eye infection, which makes me really sad because I can't do anything about. Luckily, the cat food Mom bought is made to help strengthen the immune system of outside cats. I hope it helps! -fingers crossed-

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