Thursday, May 10, 2012


Dear Interested Rose Purchaser,
            Thank you for your interest in our selection of roses. However, before you finalize your purchase there is one thing I must make clear:
            Roses are sadly misunderstood flowers.
            Red for romance; pink for appreciation; yellow for happiness; white for purity; orange for enthusiasm; purple for enchantment; blue for mystery. Each color of rose is given meaning, expression, life. They have served many purposes for thousands of years as symbols, tasteful decorations, and medicine. Roses are quite extraordinary.
            But roses aren’t just their blossoms. They have what people would call flaws, but what are really known as thorns. Thorns that hide beneath the beautiful exterior and prick the unsuspecting and the unwatchful, making them hurt or bleed. So people carefully tear or cut the thorns away, leaving only the beautiful flower. And scars. Some roses are lucky and have few or no thorns to be torn away, but they are few and far between. Most roses have thorns.
            Some people are like roses: people see the beauty or the prettiness on top and do not see the thorns. But the thorns are just as much part of the rose as the blossom. And if you are pricked by the thorns that people have, you can’t just tear them off. The rose of a person will cease to trust you and hide their bloom away or live with the scars forever as they pretend to be what they are not. And if the thorns go ignored, they often grow into something ugly and foul and ruin the person who does not see them. Different people have different ways that will work to let the thorns fade rather than fight them. Find those ways and implement them and the rare rose you have found will be yours truly in friendship or further.
            If you try to tell a rose that the only rose part of them is the blossom, they will either believe it wholeheartedly or disregard it completely. Either way is bad for you if you wish to obtain the rose. Roses are what they are and ought to be respected as such.
            No arguments that the flower roses are beautiful and much more manageable without thorns, but people roses are different. If you are lucky enough to find a person rose, cherish them and teach them how to minimize the thorns on their own. They will love you. Roses /are/ the flower of love, after all.
            Roses are sadly misunderstood people.
Thank you for shopping—
A Rose

Monday, January 2, 2012

Gray Lady

You may look at a title like that and think, "Harry Potter!" Sorry, no. The Gray Lady in my life is an adorable gray stray that happened to decide I was her master one random day in October. Today I introduced her to Mr. Yarn, which has been sitting in my room, pretty much unused, for the past ten years. She totally went crazy over it!
There's a couple of other strays around that look in about the same shape Lady was in when I found her; that is, underfed. Unfortunately, the most I can do for any of them is feed them since we're living in a rental house that requires an expensive pet fee. So they all stay outside. Gray Lady is the only one I've been able to really get close to, but today I managed to feed one of her black companions. This cat has some sort of eye infection, which makes me really sad because I can't do anything about. Luckily, the cat food Mom bought is made to help strengthen the immune system of outside cats. I hope it helps! -fingers crossed-