Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Happy, light-hearted, glad,
A face that's never mad;
Always ready with a laugh or joke,
Willing to share someone else's yoke.
What is this mask you wear?

When times are more than hard,
And you've got just one last card,
You never think of giving up;
You never shun the bitter cup.
What is this mask you wear?

Then you reach your breaking point,
And your dreams break down at the joint,
And everything comes crashing down,
And you've only got a heartfelt frown.
Where is the mask you wore?

People can't understand your pain
Even when you're going insane
Because you've never let them in,
And it's suddenly become a sin.
Where is the mask you wore?

You're alone, beaten, and drowned.
You're pain is strong, just been crowned.
There's no one who can dry your tears,
Heal your hurts, calm your fears.
Take back that mask to wear.

But life goes on, it gets long,
And you find the heart to be strong.
It wasn't because of family or friend;
It's because you know you cannot end.
Take back that mask to wear.

Though cracked, chipped, and worn,
Your solid spirit is not fully torn.
And so the mask goes on, you're happy again,
And all your dreams are whole and sane.
I missed the mask you wore.

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