Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Resolutions

Personally, I think people should come up with a new set of resolutions every season change. Perhaps they would be more inclined to fulfill their resolutions better. So, saying that, my summer resolutions are:

  1. Pass my Japanese class with an "A"
  2. Get my room cleaned =)
  3. Pack up stuff
  4. Get more Personal Progress done
  6. Be nicer to everybody
  7. Keep up with my blog
  8. Read some books and, of course,
  9. HAVE A BLAST!!!!!
I have a busy summer ahead, and I'm looking forward to every moment of it. =)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Post

Some people say that it's bad to start anything by stating your faults first, but I'm not totally sure I can start with just the facts. So I guess I shan't say anything about that at present. I will say, however, that I hope to be able to post some, certainly not all, of the things that are important in my life. I also want to understand other people better and have people understand me better. And some day, if I get to be famous, then I want people to know me from what I say and not what others say I said.

So though it ain't much right now, I hope this blog will be greater soon. Please look out for more to come. =)