Sunday, August 18, 2013

"I hate it when people mistake kindness for flirting."

I hate this statement. SO. MUCH. I know I am young and inexperienced in a lot of things, but from my personal observation and assessment of people and human nature over the years, most people don't actually mistake it for flirting. If you have been kind or polite to someone and they began showing an interest in you, it's probably because you are the only one, or one of the few, who has actually treated that person as an actual human being.

Of course they're going to be attracted to you! No one likes hanging around people who think less of them unless that's all they've ever known. And even then they usually don't really like it, it's just what they're used to.

Instead of complaining about how socially awkward, average looking, or just plain weird people are attracted to you, be proud that you're actually a decent enough human being to treat them like they are people, too! Encourage your friends to treat them well along with you, and pretty soon they won't just like you. Sure it might sometimes be an inconvenience on you to be followed around by them, but if you were a good enough person to be nice to begin with, don't stop there.

The only way this world will get better is if we treat each other better. Even your friends. One of the biggest paradoxes I see in society is how poorly people speak to or treat their friends. Sure it's usually done in a joking manner and no one takes each other seriously, but it doesn't make it right and it can desensitize people to the needs of others. If you love someone, tell them so. If you are glad of your friendship, show it.

We don't have to be a society of unloving and uncaring jerks. If you have a good thought toward someone, don't be afraid to show it. Sometimes it can be daunting being nice to someone: you may think you'll be rejected, or you don't want to give them the wrong impression, or you just don't know how to be kind. Practice! The only way anyone becomes good at something is doing it anyway and doing it a lot of times. If your methods aren't working, ask someone else how they do it. Find a better way to be nice.

Being good to other people isn't a crime. Being good to other people isn't making yourself any less. Being kind to other people is a way of showing that you're bigger than you used to be, that you are better.

The excuse that it isn't in your nature to be kind or polite isn't an excuse at all. One of the remarkable things about people is that we are all born with a capacity for kindness and social bonding that exceeds that of animals. We can really become the greatest kind of creature on this earth if we are all willing to listen and help each other.

Anyone can be a jerk. Anyone can make excuses. Anyone can not care.

But anyone can also be kind, responsible, and caring. It's all in our nature.

Please SHARE this, and actually try to make a difference. It'll be more rewarding than you know.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Parody of "Belle"

It was a pretty capricious rainy day here in Thatcher, so I decided to write a parody with the help of 3 of my good friends: Lisa Crandall, Dannielle Hext, and Carissa Southwick. Here is the parody:

Little town, it's a rainy campus. 
Every day, warmer than before. 
Little town, full of college people 
Waking up to say....

What's up? Hey girl! What's up, what's up, what's up?
There go my classmates in their jeans and sweatshirts
It's still too cold to wear a tee
The rain's making us depressed
And mud's making things a mess

But then that's just the way at EAC

Good morning Juliet!
'morning professor!
Where are you off to today?
The Institute. My friend and I are going to play ping pong and pool and then maybe even--
That's nice. Hey you! Get to class!

 Look there she goes that girl who's strange, a little
She's behind on homework, can't you tell?
With a dazed and panicked look
And a backpack full of books
She'd be happy with a C in English Lit.

Oh, hey!
How is your roommate?
Gee, hi!
How is your wife?
That's too expensive!
Something must come out of this college life!

Jules! What the heck are you doing here?
I came to turn in the problems you assigned.
Those were due on Thursday.
I couldn't get my thoughts organized. I mean, integrals are just so confusing. I'd much rather read a book; at least those make sense. 
You know, there is a textbook in this class.
I'm afraid to open it. I paid too much to damage even a page between those covers.
All right, I'll give you an extension if you get out of my freaking office. 
Thank you! Thank you so much!

Look there she goes that girl is clearly tired. 
I wonder if she's feeling well
With a tired, frazzled look
And her nose stuck in a book
And our finals week is still four months away.

Now, isn't this amazing?
There's a rainbow shining in the sky.
And this homework is so easy,
But I really should have done it all a week ago.

 Now it's no wonder everyone is stressed out
This work has got no parallel
But behind "this is easy"
Is "I am quite queasy"
Because work is work no matter what


Also, me and Carissa, who are best friends and roommates got super gorgeous haircuts today. Though I might miss my long hair, I am loving having short hair with bangs for the first time in years!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Dear Interested Rose Purchaser,
            Thank you for your interest in our selection of roses. However, before you finalize your purchase there is one thing I must make clear:
            Roses are sadly misunderstood flowers.
            Red for romance; pink for appreciation; yellow for happiness; white for purity; orange for enthusiasm; purple for enchantment; blue for mystery. Each color of rose is given meaning, expression, life. They have served many purposes for thousands of years as symbols, tasteful decorations, and medicine. Roses are quite extraordinary.
            But roses aren’t just their blossoms. They have what people would call flaws, but what are really known as thorns. Thorns that hide beneath the beautiful exterior and prick the unsuspecting and the unwatchful, making them hurt or bleed. So people carefully tear or cut the thorns away, leaving only the beautiful flower. And scars. Some roses are lucky and have few or no thorns to be torn away, but they are few and far between. Most roses have thorns.
            Some people are like roses: people see the beauty or the prettiness on top and do not see the thorns. But the thorns are just as much part of the rose as the blossom. And if you are pricked by the thorns that people have, you can’t just tear them off. The rose of a person will cease to trust you and hide their bloom away or live with the scars forever as they pretend to be what they are not. And if the thorns go ignored, they often grow into something ugly and foul and ruin the person who does not see them. Different people have different ways that will work to let the thorns fade rather than fight them. Find those ways and implement them and the rare rose you have found will be yours truly in friendship or further.
            If you try to tell a rose that the only rose part of them is the blossom, they will either believe it wholeheartedly or disregard it completely. Either way is bad for you if you wish to obtain the rose. Roses are what they are and ought to be respected as such.
            No arguments that the flower roses are beautiful and much more manageable without thorns, but people roses are different. If you are lucky enough to find a person rose, cherish them and teach them how to minimize the thorns on their own. They will love you. Roses /are/ the flower of love, after all.
            Roses are sadly misunderstood people.
Thank you for shopping—
A Rose

Monday, January 2, 2012

Gray Lady

You may look at a title like that and think, "Harry Potter!" Sorry, no. The Gray Lady in my life is an adorable gray stray that happened to decide I was her master one random day in October. Today I introduced her to Mr. Yarn, which has been sitting in my room, pretty much unused, for the past ten years. She totally went crazy over it!
There's a couple of other strays around that look in about the same shape Lady was in when I found her; that is, underfed. Unfortunately, the most I can do for any of them is feed them since we're living in a rental house that requires an expensive pet fee. So they all stay outside. Gray Lady is the only one I've been able to really get close to, but today I managed to feed one of her black companions. This cat has some sort of eye infection, which makes me really sad because I can't do anything about. Luckily, the cat food Mom bought is made to help strengthen the immune system of outside cats. I hope it helps! -fingers crossed-

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Happy, light-hearted, glad,
A face that's never mad;
Always ready with a laugh or joke,
Willing to share someone else's yoke.
What is this mask you wear?

When times are more than hard,
And you've got just one last card,
You never think of giving up;
You never shun the bitter cup.
What is this mask you wear?

Then you reach your breaking point,
And your dreams break down at the joint,
And everything comes crashing down,
And you've only got a heartfelt frown.
Where is the mask you wore?

People can't understand your pain
Even when you're going insane
Because you've never let them in,
And it's suddenly become a sin.
Where is the mask you wore?

You're alone, beaten, and drowned.
You're pain is strong, just been crowned.
There's no one who can dry your tears,
Heal your hurts, calm your fears.
Take back that mask to wear.

But life goes on, it gets long,
And you find the heart to be strong.
It wasn't because of family or friend;
It's because you know you cannot end.
Take back that mask to wear.

Though cracked, chipped, and worn,
Your solid spirit is not fully torn.
And so the mask goes on, you're happy again,
And all your dreams are whole and sane.
I missed the mask you wore.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm trying to reach you,
Can you feel me?

I whisper your name,
Can you hear me?

All I have can be yours,
All your dreams fulfilled.

What more can I say?
My arm is still extended.

I wait for you at the Golden Gate.
Will you come to meet your home?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

384 words today. Worse than yesterday, but still progress! I'm really excited because I've managed to skip around a difficult part and move forward in the plot again. I'm in Vahn's POV now, and excited. His POV is easier to deal with than Lisa's. =)

Also, I was thinking today how lucky I am to have a great family. And how I can't wait for my birthday so I can go to dances and date and drive. =3